Roundtable Discussion: Cybersecurity Analytics

Machine Learning (ML) is driving rapid advancements in cybersecurity. Organizations want to reduce risks and improve fraud detection by expanding operational analytics to include more historical analysis and advanced ML techniques. Teams are analyzing new datasets, higher data volumes and using more sophisticated tools and platforms.  This interactive discussion explores changes in cybersecurity analytics from datasets to tools to new deep learning approaches. 

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This discussion is part of the popular BigRoundtable series, a monthly ML webinar hosted by, which features a panel of experts covering topics such as:

  • Why companies are expanding Cybersecurity Analytics programs now, and the changing role of security teams
  • Which unexpected datasets are increasingly used in security analytics and implications for tools and technologies
  • How data scientists apply ML techniques to security datasets along with real-world insight and new tactics for security processes such as identifying and preventing network anomalies and abuses



ScottShagoryScott Shagory
Strategist and Technologist to the US National Weather Service 

Scott Cohen 
Managing Partner,


Lovan Chetty 
Product Management, Cazena

Steven Shack (1)

Steven Shack
Data Scientist,