SaaS Data Lake Pilot: Zero to Outcomes in 4 Weeks!

Pilot_boxData Lakes are hard. It typically takes 6 - 9+ months and special skills to build and manage production-ready Data Lakes. A SaaS Data Lake guarantees outcomes in 4 weeks, with your existing teams, at half the costs.


Setup Secure Access, Add Users & Tools


CheckboxGet instant access to your own private, security-approved SaaS Data Lake on AWS or Microsoft Azure. Meet your expert team for enterprise setup. 

Checkbox Securely add users to the data lake and connect tools for analysts, data engineers or data scientists.


Ingest & Prep Data


Checkbox Ingest or stream real data securely from enterprise sources.

Checkbox Use a variety of built-in tools  (Streamsets, Sqoop,..) for data prep.


Run Analytics for ML, Data Engineering & BI

Checkbox Your users can run a wide variety of analytics on the SaaS Data Lake, using Spark, SQL, Hive etc, including:

        • Machine learning models with R/Python
        • Data engineering pipelines
        • BI/SQL Queries for custom reports


Review Ops & Scale for Production


Checkbox Get a complete Operational report of your Data Lake, including health, workload, performance and security.

Checkbox Your SaaS Data Lake is ready to scale in production with more users and data. Our Data Lake experts will support and guarantee your success all the way.

Sign Up is Simple. 

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What's Included in Cazena's SaaS Data Lakes

In pilots and production, Cazena SaaS Data Lakes are private, encrypted and compliance-certified so your teams can get access to data and analytics capabilities with complete trust. SaaS data lakes need zero development and are fully managed, 24x7. 

  • A private (single-tenant) SaaS Data Lake, with everything your teams need to support all analytics, including storage, cloud subscription (AWS/Azure), databases (SQL, Spark, Hive, Search, NoSQL,…) and analytics tools. Delivered ready for data ingest & analytics.
  • Pre-installed R and Python packages and built in notebook functionality via Hue. Easily run Spark, Impala, Kafka, Kudu, etc. You can also plug in any 3rd party ML, BI, or data engineering tool for rapid self-service.
  • Secure access for global teams, encrypted enterprise grade connections to a private SaaS Data Lake via an industry-leading firewall.
  • Guided assistance throughout the pilot, to connect tools, data and users. Fully-managed SaaS delivery, including production operations, white-glove support, 24x7 security monitoring and proactive incident management.

The Impact of a SaaS Data Lake



"We really concentrated on hiring our data science team rather than building the underpinnings. We were on the accelerated program. We’ve just turned Cazena on, handed it over to data scientists and they started loading data. 

-- Craig Haughan, VP of Data, CWT




14wt-ad-265cs2“We didn’t want to take on the burden of standing up a data lake and maintaining it. At my past organization, we had about ten folks working on it full-time.  We were able to get an environment for advanced analytics up really quickly, without needing to hire a team.” 

- Reid McLaughlin, Chief Information Officer, 14 West