Get a hands-on look at the first turnkey, automated cloud data lake for analytics and machine learning (ML).

Use your LinkedIn login credentials and get instant access to an actual live deployment of Cazena's Instant Data Lake. Get a hands-on experience of the five easy steps to modernize:

  1. Experience a Turnkey Platform ready in minutes
  2. Get 24x7 security and compliance, with dashboards for visibility
  3. Utilize self-service tools for AI/ML, data engineering & BI
  4. See analytics, browse, query & model
  5. Zero Ops required. Cazena is optimized for performance, cost & SLA

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Try the demo exercise notebook in Jupyter to predict NYC taxi fares based on 55+ million rows of data:

  • Analyze historic taxi fare and toll data in the data lake
  • Clean, structure, and analyze the data efficiently with SQL & Presto
  • Model fare and tolls with Spark SQL in Jupyter

See the Cazena dashboards with real-time metrics for ops and security

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See for yourself: The 5 Easy Steps to Modernize

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Try an Instant Cloud Data Lake for free

Modernize with cloud data lakes. Zero ops needed.


Turnkey platform: production-ready in under 30 minutes

Cazena is built to automate provisioning and access, with migration tools engineered for the needs of cloud data management systems. Connect your stack and access analytics using our SaaS approach to data lake technology.


Strong 24/7 security and compliance monitoring

Cazena has end-to-end data security for ultimate trust:

  • Data is encrypted  as soon as it moves outside of an internal firewall.
  • All data flowing into or out of Cazena Instant Cloud Data Lakes travel through a “Cazena  Gateway” for security and control.
  • Advanced access control, authentication and comprehensive logging ensure that all data lake interaction is authorized and auditable.
  • Cazena partners with leading AICPA-certified  third-party auditors to attain and maintain security compliance and attestation for SOC 2 Type 2.

Self-service tools for AI/ML, data engineering, and BI

Cazena's SaaS Console enables self-service access to a private cloud data lake with advanced analytics engines. Enterprise security, governance, and compliance is built-in.

With just a few clicks, authorized users can either connect their existing tools to the Instant Cloud Data Lake or use analytics capabilities built into the Cazena SaaS Console. It's also easy to test and adopt any new best-of-breed analytics tools.


Analytics: browse, query, and model

Whether you want to use advanced analytics (e.g. R, Python notebooks), third-party machine learning tools (e.g. DataRobot, Dataiku), SQL, or write custom apps, Cazena’s Instant Cloud Data Lakes centralize data for efficiency and flexibility, while empowering self-service access with a variety of tools.

Global data science teams love Instant Cloud Data Lakes for secure sharing and collaboration. Many enterprises use Cazena as both a “data science sandbox” for experimentation and a platform for quickly launching new analytics applications.


Optimized for performance, cost, and service-level agreement fulfillment

Cazena costs 50% of the estimated expense of a DIY data lake, with better end-to-end visibility.
Cazena's Instant AWS Data Lakes don’t require any dedicated resources — everything is automated, monitored, and managed. In just a few clicks, authorized users get complete visibility into capacity, usage, and performance.

Cazena’s Instant Cloud Data Lakes include active monitoring of network, data and user access.
All workloads are monitored and continuously optimized for the best price-performance.


CWT leverages Cazena for digital transformation

“We've been able to deploy new ETL tools, new analytic engines, and essentially support both a hardcore team of data scientists and an additional layer of more business-oriented data scientists, all of whom come to the lake and use it day in, day out — either to do ad-hoc data science or to work building production, data science products.”

- Gordon Coale
Senior Architect, CWT
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Start using Cazena Instant AWS Data Lakes today

Eliminate long projects and extensive DevOps.
Get instant access to a private AWS data lake for analytics and ML.

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